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Regan Maki & Associates, a seasoned real estate agency, has established a rich history of aiding clients in their quest to buy or sell properties. Yet, they faced a challenge: differentiating themselves in an increasingly crowded real estate market. To elevate above the competition, they recognized the need for an innovative branding strategy that encapsulated their expertise, dedication, and dynamism.

Our Role:

  • Digital Brand Transformation
  • Emblematic Logo Design
  • Design of Stationery & Marketing Collaterals
  • Digital Infrastructure & Website Development
  • Formulation of Branding Strategy

The Challenge: Regan Maki & Associates sought a brand and logo that embodied their extensive experience, unwavering professionalism, and fervent passion, to enhance their marketing efforts and establish a distinct identity.

The Solution: Our team of marketing maestros adopted a minimalistic design ethos, crafting a crisp, contemporary brand that accentuated the agency’s commitment to exclusivity and luxury. We designed a website on a state-of-the-art platform that seamlessly presented the agency’s properties and resources to prospective buyers and sellers.

  1. Logo: We conceptualized a minimalist yet remarkable logo for Regan Maki & Associates, using a unique pattern and a restrained color palette. This logo ensures immediate brand recall and strengthens the connection with the target audience.

  2. Design Aesthetics: Our web design prioritized user experience with an elegant, monochromatic color scheme, enhancing the professional aura of the website while simplifying navigation.

  3. Stationery Items: We extended the website’s design theme to the agency’s stationery, incorporating business-critical items like business cards and folders. This enabled Regan Maki & Associates to make their brand portable and omnipresent.


In partnership with Regan Maki & Associates, we crafted a brand identity that aligned with their business strategy and exceeded their expectations. We prioritized simplicity and professionalism, creating a memorable and minimalistic brand that resonated with their client base. The user-centric website we developed enhanced readability, navigation, and aesthetics, contributing to a superior user experience. Our creative prowess and strategic insight empowered Regan Maki & Associates to carve out a distinct brand identity, enabling them to stand out in the real estate market and make a lasting impression on their clientele.

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