Bridging the Gap between Artists and Art Enthusiasts

Prinibls is an innovative platform that connects creators and art enthusiasts, providing a holistic environment for creation, interaction, promotion, and monetization. Recognizing a gap in the existing online marketplaces, Prinibls combines social, community, and marketing aspects to offer a unique, cohesive platform.

The project involved the creation of a marketing platform designed for artists, the development of advertising and subscription packages, the integration of community and social media features, and the implementation of a commissioning system.


Marketing Platform:
A dedicated platform was developed specifically for artists to share, promote, and collaborate within their community. This platform helps creators gain exposure and connect with potential customers.

Advertising and Subscription Packages:
Prinibls offers subscription packages that provide artists with a steady revenue stream. Artists can also monetize their page through advertising, either promoting themselves or featuring ads from others.

Community Integration:
The platform combines community and social media elements with marketing capabilities. This allows users to engage in a comprehensive and convenient way.

Commissioning System:
Users can easily commission their favorite artists via a simple, secure system that includes detailed descriptions, reference provision, and payment discussions.

Website Features:
The website provides a range of features for both artists and users, including customizable subscription packages and commissioning options. A user-friendly dashboard allows users to manage their display preferences, with the option to feature stories, images, videos, or a gallery.

Website Design:
Prinibls boasts a professionally designed website with robust security features to protect financial transactions and creative rights. The design prioritizes user-friendliness, ensuring easy navigation and streamlined processes for all users.

Prinibls is more than just a shopping platform; it’s a social media outlet, a community, and a hub for creativity. It empowers artists to build their reputation and monetize their work while enabling art enthusiasts to discover and support their favorite artists. With embedded chat options and links to other important websites, Prinibls fosters creativity and collaboration across the artistic community.

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