Building a Digital Presence for Owner & Place Realty

Owner & Place, a realty firm focused on assisting homeowners in the process of property selling, provides top-tier consulting and promotional services in the metro Atlanta area and northeast Georgia. Despite their impressive services, they required professional help to establish a compelling brand and website design.


Develop a user-friendly, interactive website that potential customers find easy to navigate and informative. Ensure the landing page contains key information that keeps visitors engaged.
Craft a unique and memorable brand that aligns with Owner & Place’s corporate values and aids in brand recognition and retention.
Create succinct, detailed web copy that holds the audience’s attention while delivering necessary information, and utilize SEO strategies to enhance search result rankings.


Our team at MBDMG specializes in understanding and articulating brand voice. For Owner & Place, we opted for a classic, minimalist aesthetic, integrating white as a primary color and using turquoise blue for a vibrant pop, enhancing brand visibility. The logo design involved a creative blend of the letters "O" and "P" along with the "&" symbol. This integration formed a unique logo symbol that succinctly represented the company's entire name, contributing to the brand's distinct identity.


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Owner & Place


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Website Design & Development:

We prioritized user-friendliness and visual appeal in the development of the Owner & Place website. We implemented a blue and white color scheme, consistent with the brand colors, and carefully positioned images and captions to balance textual content and graphics, improving overall readability. Our strategic placement of elements boosted the website’s self-navigation capabilities, making it easier for visitors to find the information they sought.

Copywriting & SEO:

Quality content that engages readers is essential to an effective website, as is SEO optimization. We ensured that all descriptions and details on Owner & Place’s website were current, concise, and engaging, preventing viewer deterrence due to excessive text. With captivating descriptions and strategically placed keywords, we improved the website’s search engine performance, increasing the likelihood of Owner & Place being found by potential customers seeking a reliable real estate agency.

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