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Keith Biggs, a Berkshire Hathaway Realtor, blends charisma and deep expertise in the Atlanta real estate market. Seeking to distinguish himself in the crowded Atlanta realtor landscape, Biggs enlisted our services for a distinctive real estate logo design and a unique brand identity.

Our Role:

  • Logo Design for Realtors
  • Real Estate Branding and Identity Creation
  • Stationery and Marketing Collateral Design for Real Estate Agents

The Challenge: Biggs is synonymous with premium real estate services in Atlanta, offering a level of service that resonates with royalty. His ambition was to infuse this royal touch into a unique real estate branding strategy and aesthetic that mirrored his personal brand.

Our Solution

Realtor Logo Design:
Inspired by royal figures like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we crafted a crown logo symbolizing Biggs’ commitment to regal service standards. The logo, brought to life in a dark blue and gold palette chosen by Biggs, stands out against a royal navy background, highlighting its allure and attracting potential Atlanta real estate clients. This standalone logo encapsulates ‘The Biggs Experience’ as a premium real estate journey.

Real Estate Website Design:
Biggs envisaged a modern, user-friendly website to display his Atlanta real estate services. Using our website design expertise, we built a fresh webpage with minimalistic graphics and the royal color scheme from his logo. The site, one of the most advanced in the Atlanta real estate scene, features curated photos, videos, and virtual tour options. Additionally, its easy navigation and mobile-friendly interface ensure clients can reach Biggs anytime, anywhere.

Real Estate Stationery Design:
We believe tangible branding can make a significant impact. For Biggs, we designed sleek business cards, pens, and informational pamphlets. These items, carrying essential information, enable Biggs to extend his brand reach during every interaction, whether with potential, current, or former Atlanta clients. The consistent aesthetic across all touchpoints ensures ‘The Biggs Experience’ is instantly recognizable.


We brought Biggs’ vision to life by creating a distinctive Atlanta real estate brand identity, from a memorable logo to a luxurious navy blue-and-gold color scheme. With his new webpage, Biggs can provide potential Atlanta clients with all the necessary information to make informed property decisions. The stationery items not only facilitate Biggs’ client interactions but also make his brand portable. From a royal-inspired logo to a unique aesthetic, we made Biggs’ real estate branding stand out in the Atlanta market.

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