Elevating Brand Identity for Luxury Realtor Jess in the City

Jess in the City is a premium realtor offering high-end real estate services in Atlanta, GA. With a desire to distinguish her brand in the upscale market and extend her reach, she sought to redefine her brand and bolster her online presence. We, as her chosen digital agency, were tasked with rejuvenating her brand and spearheading a social media marketing campaign to support her business.

Our Services:

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Logo Redesign
  • Iconography Creation
  • Color Palette Selection
  • Graphic Design and Branding Assets
  • Social Media Design and Management

The Challenge

Jess in the City aimed to elevate her brand’s status and appeal to luxury clients in a highly competitive market. Although her dedication and expertise were indisputable, she needed a comprehensive brand image and a robust social media presence that aligned with her luxurious offerings. Our objective was to develop a recognizable brand and an engaging social media presence that would resonate with her affluent audience.

The Solution

We developed a sophisticated brand identity reflecting her expertise and exclusivity. Our logo redesign combined modern aesthetics with city elegance, while a luxurious color palette added warmth and professionalism.

Our tailored social media management involved creating engaging, mobile-friendly posts that spotlighted prime properties and ensured easy access for potential clients.

We revitalized “Jess in the City’s” brand, strengthening her position in Atlanta’s luxury real estate market. The compelling logo, consistent branding assets, and optimized social media content significantly improved her online visibility and reach.


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