The Challenge

Fragmented collaboration in the beauty industry.


The Solution

ViviQli’s unified platform streamlined connections, offering virtual try-ons, project collaboration, and networking.


The Result

ViviQli transformed the beauty landscape, enhancing creativity, connecting professionals, and revolutionizing the industry’s digital experience.


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Transforming the Beauty Industry with ViviQli

ViviQli is a revolutionary digital platform that reshapes the beauty industry’s dynamics, connecting makeup artists, clients, vendors, suppliers, agencies, and enthusiasts in a seamless ecosystem. The platform is designed to empower beauty professionals, enthusiasts, and businesses by providing a collaborative space where creativity thrives and connections flourish.

The Challenge

In the rapidly evolving beauty industry, makeup artists, brands, and enthusiasts face the challenge of finding a centralized platform that caters to their diverse needs. ViviQli aims to address this by offering a one-stop solution that streamlines collaboration, fosters creativity, and opens doors to new opportunities within the beauty landscape.


Create an inclusive platform that caters to the diverse needs of makeup artists, clients, vendors, suppliers, agencies, and beauty enthusiasts.

Facilitate seamless collaboration on projects, allowing teams to work together efficiently regardless of geographical location.

Provide makeup artists with a platform to showcase their skills, attract new clients, and expand their professional network.

Enable vendors and suppliers to connect with makeup artists, agencies, and beauty influencers, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Offer a virtual makeup try-on feature for clients to experience products before making a purchase.

Website Features

Virtual Makeup Try-On: Clients can virtually try on makeup products from various brands, enhancing their shopping experience and confidence in purchasing

Project Collaboration: Makeup artists, agencies, and teams can collaborate on projects in real time, sharing ideas, images, and feedback within the platform

Vendor Connect: Vendors and suppliers can showcase their products, connect with makeup artists, agencies, and influencers, and explore new business opportunities

Beauty Influencer Hub: Aspiring beauty influencers can build their profile, connect with brands, and showcase their content to a broader audience

Secure Transactions: ViviQli ensures secure financial transactions and collaboration on beauty products through robust security measures and dedicated customer support

Website Design: ViviQli boasts an intuitive and visually appealing interface, emphasizing ease of use and a seamless user experience. The platform incorporates advanced security features to safeguard user data and financial transactions, ensuring a safe environment for all users.


ViviQli provides a comprehensive solution for the beauty industry, addressing the diverse needs of makeup artists, clients, vendors, suppliers, agencies, and enthusiasts. By combining virtual try-on features, collaborative project spaces, and networking opportunities, ViviQli empowers individuals and businesses to thrive in the dynamic world of beauty. The platform’s commitment to innovation, security, and inclusivity positions it as a game-changer in the beauty industry’s digital landscape.

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