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Vrtruli is an online platform providing customers with access to purchase automated services for their business. Working as a one-stop shop for business owners, Vrtruli’s services range from digital marketing, project management, and real-time data analytics.

However, the internet offers an overload of information that might be difficult for an average user to navigate through. When looking for top-notch services, an online user may have to go through multiple websites to find exactly what fits their standard.

WhatWhat WeWe DidDid

Website Design

Vrtuli’s clean-cut website layout allows customers and clients an easy navigation with one-click results. Featuring tutorial videos, real-time website analytics, and visual representations of service packages, Vrtruli is simple to use and ready to go. Putting an end to drawn-out website links to find what your business needs, Vrtuli’s layout provides clients with simple navigation to find information, service packages, products, and much more.

Goal 1

Provide a well-designed easy-access website navigation on Vrtruli that makes it easy for customers to find services which will benefit their business.

Goal 2

Direct customers to professional automated service packages found on Vrtruli.

Goal 3

Build a smooth customer to administrator communication platform to ensure offered services fit business standards

A New AllAll InIn OneOne Platform

Vrtruli offers online users a platform where they can find assistance and professional services for their business all in one place. The benefits of a single access assistance website are one-on-one communication, global access to services, on-time solutions, online courses, professional consulting, and the result: successful business development.


The initial page a customer will see will describe a general sense of what Vrtruli offers and provides links to website features: Products, Service Packages, Shop, About Us, Contact Us.


Vrtruli offers a series of monthly subscription services Depending on the subscription, clients will be provided with web & mobile assistance, a free customer domain, the best hosting market, and outstanding virtual support.

Services Packages

Vrtruli provides customers with a series of services packages to choose from. These service packages are designed so the customers have access to online coaching in different areas varying anywhere from market analysis, innovative solutions, financial advice, and business strategy.


This is where a customer can view individual products they want to purchase. This can range from informative text books, personalized web layouts, and even individual web pages.


Automation –Offering automated sales & marketing, Vrtruli ensures a business will see an increase in efficiency, lower overhead costs, new leads, and overall online success. With Vrtruli automated services, your business has the right tools to attract more clients, increase search engine traffic, and manage information smoothly with fast-pace, real-time technology.

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