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A brand-new unifying platform where vendors can market their products and services, Thrifli is set on combining all the features vendors need into one cohesive platform. If you’re a vendor seeking an easy way to connect to customers or vice versa,

Thrifli is the platform for you. From a user-friendly interface to collaboration opportunities and easy networking, the features of Thrifli can provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. And best of all, it encourages cooperation and promotion, fostering a robust marketing community. A unique all-in-one platform,

Thrifli stands up by catering to vendors from all industries, including agricultural, industrial, technological, and much more. With easy ways to connect and build revenue, this is one platform you don’t want to miss out.

Building a NetworkNetwork

With the Internet becoming the main place where shopping is done, many vendors have been searching for the most reliable, secure, and convenient platform to offer their products and services. Thrifli aims to be the platform they can rely on by providing top-notch marketing and selling features for vendors of all industries.

Our Goals

1. Curate

Curate a shopping platform catered towards vendors, giving them the ability to easily promote, advertise, and sell their products and services.
2. Develop

Develop communication and networking features that will assist vendors in discussing projects and products with interested customers, fostering collaboration and a sense of community.
3. Secure

Provide a safe and secure channel for financial transactions and collaboration on classified products. Safety measures include strict policies, advanced encryption, and moderators as well as excellent customer service.

WhatWhat WeWe DidDid

With a user-friendly interface and advanced encryption features, Thrifli has designed only the most secure and intuitive website for its users. All financial transactions and projects will be kept securely on the platform, and the website’s user-friendly features mean it is easy to navigate. Not only that, Thrifli has included the best promotional features, helping vendors with their marketing efforts and optimizing all advertisements. Use this website to get your brand where you want it to be.

Vendor Subscription Management

Vendors will be able to easily manage their subscription type within their account, including choosing how to pay for their subscription, upgrading or downgrading their package, and easy purchase and cancellation.

Featured Vendor Ads

Vendors will have the opportunity to be featured on the homepage, driving traffic to their account and increasing their brand recognition and the demand for their products and services.

Subscription Packages

Thrifli will offer a variety of subscription packages, each curated to a specific vendor’s needs and uses of the platform. With their subscription packages, vendors can either opt in or out for additional marketing services.

Affiliated Marketing

Aside form featured vendor ads, vendors can choose to use Thrifli’s marketing services to help promote and advertise their products and services.

External Products

Vendors will be able to offer external products with embedded links that link to other marketing platforms they use, allowing for a unified account where all the different ways to purchase a product or service can be viewed.

An UpgradedUpgraded PlatformPlatform

Safe, secure, and reliable – these are all descriptions of Thrifli. Not only does it aim to support vendors in every way possible, its advanced security features means you can feel at ease while promoting your products and services. Thrifli is unique because of its promotional features, which is included in its subscription packages and will help you build your reputation and increase your traffic. From easy financial transactions to a professional website – Thrifli has everything a vendor will need to succeed.

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