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The Signal

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The Signal is an independent student led newspaper featured at Georgia State University. Its mission is to provide students with a voice in the real world and to provide a platform where students can pursue a professional journalistic approach to topics that interest their community. As the student voice of Georgia State, The Signal covers topics from news, sports, arts and living, opinions, and offers photography services and marketing opportunities.

We see great potential for The Signal and we want to expand certain services so a greater audience can be reached as well as a visible increased engagement with content. Areas needing our services include development of an administrative dashboard to work with customers, development for extended back-end tools (CRM), digital local marketing, social media management, and brand consultation and development. These services must be in action before the start of Georgia State’s 2020 fall semester to ensure future content can reach its full potential.

WhatWhat WeWe DidDid

MBDMG has set up a step-by-step plan to contribute to The Signals online success. We are offering a new platform for administrative and customer interactions: “The Dashboard”. Working as a digital hub for students to interact with customers, The Dashboard will serve as a medium to directly address advertising services. The hub will consist of two dashboards: The Service Dashboard and The Administrative Dashboard which will follow models established by Workflat and Hibu.

Service Dashboard

Providing customers ability to request and discover offered services for free. An upgrade to Paid Member allows customers to obtain these services while upgrading to Premium Member allows access to offered services within reason for a predetermined price.
Administrative Dashboard

Providing administrator access to a customer’s service request and working directly with MBDMG agents. Offers the administrator possibility to assign customer services to newspaper reporters. Customer review is available in three ways: to suggest edits and make comments, be directly exposed to the implemented edits, and to have direct access to the final work to determine if it meets the customer’s expectations.

TheThe OutcomeOutcome

Implement plug-in tools such as SalesForce to work with clients who place advertisements in the paper and online.

Adaptation of the site to better collect data and both quantify and analyze user behavior so that it can be presented to potential customers.

Enhance viewer impressions of The Signal by provision of our Brand Consultation and Development.

Offer an array of items including Advertising Design, Email Blast Design and seasonal graphics. Print and logo designs are also included if so desired.

Transform The Signal into a listing website. This will provide The Signal access to improve online visibility, gather information on clients/customers, rank higher on search engines, and improve direct interaction with their audience.

Provide 80 to 100 leads each month by means of MBDMG’s Social Media Management service, to provide 5 weekly posts, provide PPC ad campaign management, content creation, business page optimization, monthly progress reports on each platform, and to monitor all mentions of the brand.

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