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Promotheon is a software company dedicated to providing customized digital solutions to their clients. With free consultations, a team of professionals, and a streamlined process for delivering on time, Promotheon never fails to surprise its customers with its quality, speed, and precision. A diverse company that is capable of providing software for clients from all industries, Promotheon’s flexibility and advanced solutions are its greatest strengths.

Promotheon is majorly unique in how many industries it caters to and how it is capable of providing solutions to even companies from overseas. Its team of technicians work closely with its clients, troubleshooting all issues until the software is perfect.

WhatWhat WeWe DidDid

Although Promotheon is one of the most top-notch digital solutions companies, it falls short in its promotional efforts and the aesthetic of its website, making it difficult for potential customers to find the company. MBDMG solved this problem by revamping Promotheon’s website, introducing social media marketing, and starting a new branding campaign to help the company stand out with its unique solutions.

1. Curate

Curate a new website design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with all of the most essential information on the landing page to keep customers interested. Also optimize the new website by implementing keywords and coordinating graphics to match Google’s algorithm.
2. Create

Create a social media marketing campaign focused on Instagram that allowed the company to promote its digital solutions to a greater target audience and bring more to traffic to its website.
3. Launch

Launch email campaigns that will help promote the company through a targeted mailing list, increasing the chances of reaching a potential customer and new leads.
4. Design

Design a new theme and branding to entice customers and maintain a consistent brand voice, increasing brand recognition and retention.

A BrandBrand NewNew Look

MBDMG also revamped Promotheon’s website, providing the company with a professionally designed interface that is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and intuitive. From bold font to an enticing theme, we made sure that the website would be easy to browse and view from all devices. We also reorganized the information on the website so potential customers could see what matters most, first.


By using new, sharp-looking colors and creating a fresh new look for Promotheon’s social media and web page, we curated a consistent and recognizable brand for the company, allowing its clients to recognize it at a single glance.

Social Media Design

For Promotheon’s social media, we balanced the graphics to text ratio to ensure viewers are not turned away by too much or too little text, optimizing readability and keeping the viewers’ attentions.

Social Media Marketing

With a firm grasp on the optimal posting time, hashtags, aesthetic, and captions, we marketed Promotheon through their social media to increase the traffic to their website and enhanced the awareness of their services.

DigitalDigital Age, Digital SolutionsSolutions

Promotheon is a digital solutions platform invested in its customers and aiming to provide software beyond their clients’ expectations. With assistance from MBDMG, its website is now streamlined to capture and keep its clients’ attention. Additionally, the social media marketing and email campaigns curated by MBDMG have increased awareness of the company’s products and services, optimizing the amount of traffic to the site.

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