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Owner & Place

About the CompanyCompany

Owner & Place is a realty company that aims to assist all homesellers with selling property. By keeping an eye on the changing real estate climate and providing one of the best consulting and promotional services, Owner & Place’s goal is to make selling property as easy and rewarding as possible for all of its clients. This company caters to the metro Atlanta area and northeast Georgia.

Project Goals

Challenges and Objectives.

Though Owner & Place had excellent services to offer, it needed help getting off the ground with an enticing brand identity and website design. The company wanted a fresh and refined look and brand voice, and that’s what we delivered.

Three Key GoalsGoals

First, we wanted to create an interactive and user-friendly website that is easy for potential leads to navigate and find information. We also wanted to make sure that the landing page was full of only the most important information and will keep viewers browsing. Secondly, we aimed to develop a unique and outstanding brand that will keep Owner & Place one step ahead in brand recognition and retention. The brand should also convey Owner & Place’s values as a company. Finally, we wanted to curate short but detailed descriptions on the website via copywriting to keep the audience’s attention while delivering all the necessary information. Also SEO copywrite the content so that the website will rank higher on search results.

WhatWhat WeWe DidDid

Branding Design

When it comes to brand identity design, the team at MBDMG are experts at figuring out what best represents a brand identity. For Owner & Place's brand illustration, we went for a classic and minimalistic look by incorporating white into its brand theme. Then, we added turquoise blue to the mix for a pop of color to help Owner & Place stand out bright and bold. As for the logo, our designing team cleverly incorporated the letters “O” and “P” along with the “&” symbol into one logo by combining “O” and “P” to look like “&.” This unique iconography helps convey the company’s entire name in a single symbol.

Website Development

MBDMG develops only the most user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites, and it was no different for Owner & Place. We went with a blue and white theme to match the company’s brand colors, placing pictures and captions in specific places to balance the ratio of words to graphics and increase readability. By putting everything exactly where the viewer would expect to find them, we improved the self-navigation capabilities of the website and increased the chances of the viewers finding what they want.


SEO optimization and writing content that doesn’t bore is important; in fact, they’re a huge part of digital marketing and digital strategies. That’s why we made sure that all the descriptions and details on Owner & Place’s website were up-to-date, concise, and to the point. This way, we enhanced digital customer experience and decrease the chances that viewers are deterred by walls of text. With entertaining descriptions and by using keywords that’ll register during search results, we made sure that Owner & Place will turn up when potential customers search for a reliable real estate agency.

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