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About the Project

When the team from Wamya approached us for a branding job, we were excited because we knew the company and were eager to help. The Wamya team was trying to launch their courier and bespoke transportation service. Being a premium service, they understood they needed to build their brand identity and image, but wasn’t sure where to start. That’s when they reached out to our team of specialists at MBDMG for help.

The goals were to establish Wamya as the go-to service for quick and reliable courier service, to justify the premium costs and sell it to potential customers, and to help Wamya stand out from the competition.

0.1 Branding

UnderstandingUnderstanding the businessbusiness

The goal of a brand strategy session is to create a space where meaningful conversations about the brand can happen. It’s an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the business. We don’t expect to tell the client anything they didn’t already know – the important part is what they want their clients to know about them. During our brand strategy sessions, the team from Wamya were given the opportunity to look at their company from a holistic perspective and review their mission statement and their ultimate goals. From “what” Wamya is looking for and “why” Wamya became a company, those were all important questions that needed to be answered before we could move on to their brand identity design.

Positioning Statement

Wamya is the only company in the area that does same day courier delivery service with personal pick-up and drop-off for professionals.


Delivering peace of mind

Mission Statement

“We help businesses transfer that packages quickly, conveniently, and securely.”

Branding Strategy

The digital marketing strategy job takes us on a journey to explore all that facets that made the business what it is. We leave no stones unturned, because every single detail matters when building a brand identity. After meeting with Wamya and going through several workshops together, we uncovered the essence of what makes Wamya such a great company.

0.2 Design

Converting thoughts to visuals.

Understanding the essence of a company is only the first layer of building a great brand. After getting a solid grasp of what Wamya's brand identity, our mission shifted gears to finding and capturing the voice of the brand through illustrations and copywriting.

Brand Identity Design

Successful brands don’t say a lot – they keep their message concise and clear. Building a brand around a simple expression really sets in the tone for a direct and coherent message. For our Wamya’s brand identity, we went with something quite powerful: predictably dependable.

Logo Construction

By incorporating the distinct features of a falcon in Wamya’s logo, we were able to implement of delivery, dependability, and consistency into their brand identity. After all, just like a falcon, Wamya possesses spotless performance, consistent results, and majestic presence – helping deliveries arrive on time and adhering to the spirit of being predictably dependable. With this striking brand image, we were able to deliver a clear message with no words at all: like a falcon, Wamya is swift, safe, and completely dependable.

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