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Ditch the oldold system.system. is an all-in-one merchandising platform that allows companies to track the appearance and supply of their products in various retail locations. It’s a step up from an old system that used to rely heavily on paperwork and human compliance.

About the Brand

After doing some in-depth business analysis, we found that Merch is a merchandising startup that allows distributors and independent manufacturers to keep tabs on their products in retail stores without having to manage in-house merchandising teams. Their personalized platform is used by Merch’s agents who track the client’s products in retails stores as well as a back-office team that handles flags and alerts.

Our Job

From October 2018 to January 2019, our team came up with a personalised plan for, consisting elements of UX Design, Visual design, Product strategy. Our goal was to help the merchandising platform function digitally and efficiently. 

How It Works

Companies sign up to with a list of their offered products and location. Upon receiving the information, Merch’s back-office team adds the client’s products, product information, facings, promos and available stores. They also accept and manage orders and shipments information. All of this is done through a digital system that keeps everything clean and efficient.

After the information is added to the database, Merch’s app then releases an optimized plan for agents who then make visits to their assigned stores to check the products. The back-office team then gets real-time reports, statistics, and alerts to any violations and routes them to the clients.

UX Study

The personalized platform runs with two teams operating on two different applications, a tablet app for the ground team, and an administration board for the back-office team. It is important that we know what happens when a certain action is triggered.

Designing the App System

To develop the mobile app, we adopted Apple’s Human interface design guidelines to the letter. However, we created our own customized design system for the dashboard in order to accommodate all the functionalities and features that we felt wouldn’t be provided by any off-the-shelf design system. We called this feature of the mobile app development “Materialish design.”

Upgrading the Dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview of the work in terms of goals and completion rate. One more important feature is the alerts and the activity log which allow the back-office team to interact with the ground teams.

Understanding the Clients

Most of the pages on the administration panel are used to filter the information and displaying them in a way that can be useful in a certain context. For instance, the client’s page in great for a status update with the client as it gives an overview of what’s happening with their merchandise as well as providing the opportunity to export the information in PDF format for quick sharing.

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