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Bryson Reed Realty

Build a Website,Website, Build a Brand.Brand.

How our unique web design helped connect Bryson Reed Realty with its customers.

0.1 The Company

Understanding Our Client

Bryson Reed Realty is a real estate company based in Atlanta, Georgia. As a member of the franchise system of Berkshire Hathaway Home services affiliates, it specializes in residential and commercial properties. Although it utilized a branding strategy focused on local Atlanta, the company needed assistance in building a responsive website and a brand identity to stand apart from others in the market.
0.2 The Challenge

What We Needed To Fix

Bryson Reed Realty lacked a website with which to offer its services and connect with others. It also needed assistance in building a unique brand identity that expressed its locality and authenticity.
0.3 The Solution

Redesigning The Brand

Keeping the client’s branding strategy in mind, we utilized a monochrome theme that aimed for a professional and casual look in all of the company’s supplementary material – physical and digital. The web design was built to be responsive and approachable in order to enhance customer experience and keep them coming back for more.

WhatWhat WeWe diddid

Logo Design

Authenticity and locality were our two main themes. Inspired by the Bugatti logo and Roger Federer brand, we created a unique logo that mixed the client’s two initials in a mirror reflection. Sleek and minimalistic, the Bryson Reed Realty logo gives a subtle yet impactful first impression.

Website Design

For a minimalistic aesthetic, we utilized a monochrome scheme when designing the Bryson Reed Realty website. Prioritizing user experience, we used fonts that were simple yet elegant, giving the website a professional and legible look. Not only is the website easy on the eyes, it is responsive and engaging, with easily found links that made for a streamlined user experience.

Stationary Items

Our minimalistic monochrome color scheme was incorporated into the stationary items produced for Bryson Reed Realty. From business cards to pamphlets and pens, we ensured that the company’s brand identity stayed consistent and stayed visible.

Mobile Experience

In addition, our website design was adaptive, enabling users on different devices to easily access the company’s site. Mobile and non-laptop users will receive the full comfort of browsing through a versatile website aimed to streamline their browsing experience.

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