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Need a new, user-friendly website? Or maybe an interactive app? We’ve got you covered. MBDMG also specializes in customized software and digital solutions, developing the tools you need to succeed.

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MBDMG Development Process


The Idea

The best digital transformations all start from one big idea. Digital solution development begins with us sitting down and defining what you want and how you need it to work.

user research

Knowing your target audience is important because your digital solution needs to be perfect for them – and that’s what we’re here for. During this step of the process, we will analyze your potential customer base to devise a strategy best catered to them.


Now comes the fun part – storyboarding. Piece by piece, we’ll puzzle your idea together into a blueprint for success and draft out a prototype for your digital solution.

customer map

This is where we create a customer journey map – a planner that will tell us everything we need to do to get you where you want to be. From research to development, this map will guide us from step to step until your project is complete.


The Idea


You don’t know whether your product idea will work if you don’t test it. During our brainstorming step, we validate your idea by creating a working model and putting it through various tests to see if there are additional components we can add.

user flow

Next, it’s time for user feedback. Receive helpful feedback on your project idea from test users to know where you can improve.


After we’re sure your digital solution is exactly the way you want it, we’ll deliver the prototype so you can begin working with it immediately and see if it’s fit for you.


Beta Development
& Testing

turning ideas into concrete examples

Beta development and testing is a cost-effective way to revise and finalize your product’s design before investing in expensive manufacturing or integrating it into your system. We offer both low fidelity and high fidelity prototyping, though you may choose just one if you wish!


Low fidelity prototyping focuses on function and quickly spots any issues in the functionality of your product idea. Fast and convenient, you’ll have a tangible and testable prototype to beta test with all of your systems.


High fidelity prototyping beta tests usability and workflow issues, closer to your final product than low fidelity prototypes. Though slightly more complicated, this prototype integrates all the design assets and related components so you can see your entire product idea in one place.


& Analyze

Your Website/Mobile App is Launched

Finally, it’s time to launch your digital solution! Whether that’s a web design or mobile app, we’ll be with you through the launching process to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Usability report

Receive insight on how users are interacting with your digital solutions. Know exactly what they’re running into issues so you can accurately evaluate your product’s success.

Analytics report

Explore how you’re doing through data and reports. Use the statistics we provide to cover all of your bases and improve your performance.

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